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Turahalli - The Last Lung Space in Bangalore South.

About Turahalli

  Turahalli is located in south of Bangalore off Kanakapura road nearly 8 kms from Banashankari temple. It is a dry deciduous forest with lot of eucalyptus trees and other wild shrubs and trees. It has often been observed existence of many wild animals like jackal, hare, monitor-lizard, mongoose etc. Also, this happens to be one of the favorite places for bird-watchers as many rare species of birds are found in this area.

A number of school camps are often held here. These camps give children that exposure to nature, which is essential for imbibing first hand learnings and for fostering the importance of the environment. From watching and identifying birds, butterflies or insects or learning the basics of rock climbing or rappelling children have had such varied experiences here.

Bird watchers have long frequented Turahalli and list of species sighted at Turahlli compiles as a lengthy one. Some of the birds such as Great Horned Owl treasures up as very important sightings.

Of late the various happenings around the place have threatened the preservation of the area. Laying of jeep tracks, felling of trees and shrubs, expansion of the temple, defacing of the boulders, crimes committed in the area have caused a lot of concern.

We would like to bring to the fore all these occurrences that we view as a threat to the maintenance and preservation of the area. We would like to urge and request the concerned officials to take suitable measures for remedying the already imparted damage.

Turahalli because of its proximity to the city makes it for a quick getaway for those wanting respite from the pollution of the city and the mundaneness of work life. Be it for children or adults, the presence of a large number of trees and boulders, which make it quite unique from other lung spaces at Bangalore, makes Turahalli quite an ideal place to rejuvenate oneself. Though a lot of greenery was cut down and ponds filled for laying of the housing plots the place is still frequented by various groups.

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