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Pollution Watch
  We recently went on a trek to Kodachadri. While the sight of wonderful mountain range at the peak lifted us to the sky, something else brought us right back to earth, so to speak.
The sight of so much trash, plastic covers, chocolate wrappers, papers, bottles and so much more, made us wonder did we trek this wonderful place to see this? Unfortunately this is something that is becoming more and more common (?) sight.

We have seen many, on their trek back, carrying a bagful of trash. Bless them, for trying to keep nature, as it should be, natural! But is that a solution? Imagine when you clean your home, someone keeps throwing trash at the other end. Wouldn't it be great if that person stops making a mess?

There are some small practical things that we can do to keep nature clean.
1. On every trip, take a spare cover and bring back all the chocolate covers, food packet covers and other wastes that you had carried.
2. This is true especially in windy areas. Do not keep the trash cover in the open, otherwise before you know you will find that all your efforts have been a waste.
3. Let us not write any graffiti on any rocks or any place. Would we like if some one wrote on our house walls.
4. Please inform everyone through this site of any misuse of nature.
5. Try and avoid use of plastic.

Let us just remember one thing when we do anything out there in the nature. Would we do the same thing in our home? This more than anything else will succeed in keeping the nature clean and healthy.

Some photographs of the place being polluted

Plastic waste being thrown into the river and surroundings in Vibhooti Waterfalls, Near Yana, North Kanara.

And writings on the rocks in Sirimane Waterfalls, Chickamagalur.

Tree cut in Turahalli, Bangalore.

Writings on the stone in Kabbal Durga,Bangalore