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Who we are?

  We are a group of committed people whose only desire is to keep the nature, as it should be, natural. We hosted this site in February 2002, initially to share the experiences of our various trekking expeditions and nature tours.
  It was also our hope that this site could be a forum for everyone to share their experiences of this wonderful heritage that we are endowed with. We have since received very good encouragement from so many people that we now have decided to do more.

Our mission

  As all nature lovers know, nature has so much to offer us. Wonderful mountain ranges, tweeting bird life, dense forest with majestic wildlife and in turn all it is asking from us is to respect its sanctity.
  Today as much as it is necessary to urbanize to improve quality of life, it is equally important to keep our nature clean and healthy. As much as we don't want somebody else messing up with our home, so also we don't want to mess with nature, after all it is our home. When more and more people understand this, the world will be a wonderful place to live in.
  And this has become our mission, to make people aware of this simple truth. One person by one person, one child by one child we know we are going to make a difference.

How we propose to achieve our mission?

  There are many people/groups among us who are doing so much to keep our wonderful natural heritage intact; we believe they deserve all the help that is possible. To that end, here are a few things that we propose to do and are doing with your help.

1.   Through this site we want to spread awareness about how great a natural asset we have inherited.
This will, we hope, inspire many to understand and in turn educate others to keep nature as it is.
2.   We plan to conduct nature awareness camps and nature clean up camps.
3.   Conduct seminars at schools, to help children and teachers alike understand the importance of nature.
4.   Network various non-government groups and individuals to effectively accomplish the mission.