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  We are not Tour operators. Neither do we conduct any commercial tours nor do we sell outdoor equipment. If needed we are ready to share our knowledge in these areas.

  We are a group of adventure loving people, who are amazed by the sheer joys of nature like anyone else. But at the same time we are a group of worried people as well, worried about the destruction being done at all levels. Do visit Our Mission page.

 We do a little bit of trek in Western Ghats and in other places of Karnataka. We also go out Rock climbing, bouldering, River rafting, para-sailing etc. Few of us are Bird watchers, enthusiast photographers as well.

 The information on this site does not belong to an individual, in a sense the development is not one persons effort. It is teamwork that works here. Whenever a person shares her/his knowledge here she/he becomes a part of the family. It does not cost a paise to read/to print or to share the information given here. Ofcourse we would like to publicize the availability of the knowledge, we also would like this fraternity to grow.

But however if you are intereseted in using the text or graphics of this website elsewhere send an email to review [at] dreamroutes.org clearly mentioning the purpose and the need for it. The requested material once approved by the team will then be emailed to you. Mentioning http://www.dreamroutes.org/index.html in such pages on your site is however necessary. You can use this image as well for this purpose.

We take no responsibility either for the correctness or for the latest content for the website or sites which we mention and/or give a link. Similarly all the trademarks we might have mentioned in our website belong to the respective registrants.

Co-Trekkers And Contributors to the Information.

Gautham Kiran Karkera
Prasad Ghatigar Raghu Prasad KS
Kiran Guru Prasad K
Nagesh SV Ramya TV
Pradeep PJ Rakesh JR
Keertana Prashanth Khadrish
Venkatesh TD Vidya Urs
Rajeev Shinde Anju
R Sharada Ramamoorthy Makkithaya
Kiran Sastry Vipin
S Laxminarayan Lohit
Nithin Anand

For more information feel free to contact us.
team at dreamroutes dot org or review at dreamroutes dot org