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Turahalli (Turalli) -The Bouldering area next door.

About Turahalli
  Turahalli is located in south of Bangalore off Kanakapura road nearly 8 kms from Banashankari temple. It is a dry deciduous forest with lot of eucalyptus trees and other wild shrubs and trees. It has often been observed existence of many wild animals like jackal, hare, monitor-lizard, mongoose etc. Also, this happens to be one of the favorite places for bird-watchers as many rare species of birds are found in this area.
Climbers Pilgrimage
  Turahalli is an isolated hill packed with boulders of very good hard granite of various sizes and shapes, which is most suitable for rock climbing. For last twenty years young and enthusiastic rock climbers of our city are regularly practicing rock climbing on weekends and on holidays. Many national and international climbers have visited this place. They have not only practiced rock climbing here but they have published several articles in many foreign journals on the uniqueness of this wonderful area.
climbing in turahalli
  Many climbers from Bangalore who have been practicing in the Turahalli area have taken part in climbing competitions at both national and international levels (Thailand, Singapore, Jakarta) and have brought many laurels to the climbing community of Bangalore.
  Among the climbing community, Turahalli and the surrounding areas is a favorite to introduce climbing and the love of the outdoors to enthusiasts, especially children. Proximity to the city, its height and isolation make it a wonderful place for little children to learn enjoy the outdoors.
The Threat
  From past few years encroachment of this forestland is happening at a very fast rate. Good amount of wild growth has been cleared on the hill and used for growing commercial crops. A temple has been constructed at the top of the hill. Locals and Temple people have made a road to the top of the hill from backside. New layouts have come up around Turahalli The locals who have great need of firewood or an alternative have uprooted trees and even small shrubs. Illegal poaching of wild animals is a normal scene.

  At this rate it will not be too late for one to see that the entire Turahalli gudda being changed in to an unorganized layout like any other slum in the city. If only this place is preserved it would prove as one of the finest lung spaces for the city apart from providing enough recreational activities and a healthy sport of rock climbing especially to our youth.

tree cut at turahalli

  This is a picture of the tree cut just in front of the temple for certain weird reasons. Can not imagine what is the point in building a resting spot under the tree and then cutting the very branches which give the shade.


How can we save it.

Best thing possible would be leave it as it is.
   Definitely the climbing community would be glad and grateful if the place is left as it and all the harmful activities are stopped once for all. And declare the whole are as National Park for Adventure.

  This can happen only when concerned people both administrative and nature lovers take a step to save this piece of land. It will definitely not hard to educate and create awareness among the crowd for protection of the Turahalli Rock Climbing Park. Along with camping, climbing and other activities which are on already , more and more people should come and participate in planting saplings to create more greenery. Conducting regular rock climbing sessions and training program with the help of voluntary organizations involved in this field.

Map to Reach Turahalli