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  jog falls

This is the place where the river Sharavati falls from a height of 292m forming a glorious waterfall. The river forms four different tracks which are named 'Raja', 'Rani', 'Roarer' and 'Rocket' which are named aptly by the majesty they display.

This place can be reached from sagar (30+kms), siddapur(21kms) or honnavar (60 kms). When you are coming from Siddapura take a right turn at a place called "Mavinagundi" which is few kms before jog. (You wont get this place if you are coming from sagar). And there are a few places where you can stay overnight. These places are run by KSTDC.

When the water is less you can actually walk down to the bottom of the water fall, but be careful, that broken Beer bottle might hurt you.

Fact File
Geo ...  place {jog} in Sagar taluq in Shimoga district in North West Karnataka.

other places of interest :- honnavar, gersoppa, kanoor, honnemaradu, burude falls.

Distance ... 
From Bangalore 450+ kms
From Nearest Town 21kms(siddapura), 30+kms (Sagar)
From Nearest Petrol Bunk siddapura, Sagar
Nearest Medical Help Jog colony
Nearest Hotel Jog itself (siddapura, sagar)
jog falls

Approach :
Best Time July - August