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  burude falls

This wonderful waterfall is around 20+kms from Siddapur and 55+kms from Sirsi, on Siddapur-Kumta road. The way to get down to the river is through a small creek which is dry in summer. And which will be full in rainy and winter seasons which makes the entry to the waterfall and the valley impossible.

The first step of the waterfall has an amphitheater sort of setting where hundreds of people can sit and watch the glorious waterfall and feel the mist rushing towards them. On the other side after a serious climb down you will get to see the other end of the waterfall. And the last stretch of this waterfall can only be heard from here. If you have a heart for climbing you can climb down to the edge of the rock to see it partially. This one is a wonderful one.

This could be a ideal two day spot.On the way to Kumta from Siddapur after Kyadagi (1+kms) you will get down at iLimane cross and take a walk for 5+kms to reach the waterfall. Do carry your ration and tentage. This place can also be reached by trekking from the Unchalli waterfalls along the stream.

And god knows who called it burude, he must have been a brainy.

Fact File

Geo ... place {burude falls} in Siddapur(20+kms) taluq in North Kanara district in North West Karnataka.

other places of interest :- Jog, unchalli, honnemaradu

Distance ...
From Bangalore 450+ kms
From Nearest Town Siddapur 20+kms
From Nearest Petrol Bunk Siddapur
Nearest Medical Help Siddapur
Nearest Hotel Siddapur
Approach :
Best Time Winter and early Summer
first step of the waterfalls