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donDole falls .  
donDole falls
Fact File:

    donDole falls is around 20+kms from kakkinje near charmaDi in South Kanara district.
Distance from Bangalore : 350+kms.
Nearest Hospital : Ujire 8+kms.
Nearest food point : kakkinje.
Nearest Petrol Bunk : Ujire 8+kms


    donDole waterfalls is a nice water falls which is around 20+kms from a place called kakkinje which is just 3kms before charmaDi from ujire.

    Part of this 20+kms can be covered in a jeep and after a rivercrossing and 50minutes of walk through the forest one reaches this waterfall which is of around 50+ft height. On the way one just after leaving the kakkinje one gets a breathtaking view of the banDaje arbi and the ballaLa rayana durga.

   Though these places are very near to roadheads one must carry their food and tentage. If lucky you might even get a chance to see a Bison or two. Even otherwise sighting of some wonderful birds, butterflies is for sure.
    Other places of interest nearby are : baLe kallu gudda
How to get there:
    A state transport or private bus/jeep from Dharmasthala to charmaDi (18kms) can be the starting point to visit the place around.

Update on Dondole falls:
When we visited this falls on December 2007, the area around the falls had undergone a massive change. A Dam was being constructed just before the falls for mini-hydro project by a private company. The hills have been blasted using dynamites to construct a road to the falls and to lay the pipe from the dam to the power generating station. The road and the debris of the blast have almost covered the falls rendering a sad scene to watch. The entire area is bustling with the activity of construction workers and the heavy vehicles carrying the materials.

We could not get much detail about the dam or the company building it or about the permissions obtained for destruction. It is now too late and the chances of recovery of the falls are very remote. It is safe to say that Dondole falls is history.

After destroying Western Ghats for roads, mines and huge power plants, Government has come up with a new idea to continue the destruction of the forests, the mini hydro electricity projects. Soon, other falls like Bandaje, Koosalli, Irpu and Kudlu Theertha will follow the suit.

~ Aravind GJ
[ http://aravindgj.blogspot.com/2007/12/death-of-dondole-falls.html ]

dondole construction dondole construction