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Sawan Durga, Magadi, Bangalore.

This is also the biggest monolith in Asia. The second being the monolith at Madhugiri (near Tumkur). Madhugiri has a Black-Buck sanctuary also.

sawandurga There are several routes in monolith at Sawana Durga, rising to the height of more than 1000ft, At the foothill there is a village by the same name and the forest around has been declared as Reserved forest and there is protected garden of the Herbs of medicinal interest.

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Huliyur Durga, Tumkur.
One more Durga of the Nava (nine) Durga series. Situated at 27kms distance from Magadi. This place is well connected by road from Kunigal(21kms) on Bangalore-Mangalore Highway and from Maddur(31kms) on Bangalore-Mysore Highway.
This small township has few hotels. The hillocks have few temples also.
It is said that this place got its name from all the tigers which used be around.
huliyur durga