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  narasimha parvata

  After a overnight Bus journey to Sringeri from Bangalore a 20+min local bus travel will take you to a place called Kigga. (frequency is 30+min approx) From kigga (the last stop for the bus) there are two ways .1: towards Sirimane waterfalls and 2: towards Narasimha Parvata.
Since this peak is inside the Kudremukh National Park you will be asked to pay some entry fee at the top. It is better you talk to a forest department official in kigga itself for any enquiry etc.
It is 4.5hrs (awt- average walking time) from here to the peak. After kigga the water point is just before the summit of the peak. Fill your water bottles here. You are not allowed to camp inside the national park, though you can go to the next water point after the peak and camp there.

  From the peak if you see in the north west direction you will find a tower of certain relay station of Aagumbe, your destination. If you see to a little right to that you will find a bald patch of significant area between the forest, this place is the paddy fields of the Mallandoor village. There is a big valley between Narasimha parvata and Mallandoor. Keeping this in mind as the destination for the next days trek the wild track begins going through the forest and across the valley. Though there is plenty of water in the valley , there is only one or two water points in between. This trek to the Mallandoor village is about 6-7hrs awt (if you don't get lost in the forest).You may not find any paths in the jungle. Even if you find them they are bound to mislead you.
  (Plan B: instead of camping just after the Narasimha parvata, get down to the valley and camp there. This way you would have covered a good distance of the next days trek.)
  After the valley it is only climb uphill in the forest , so keep your eyes open as there is a good chance of getting lost. Take extra food items just in case and a good compass.
  The next day you once you reach the village you can stay in the village school premises. From here it is 2.5+hrs awt walk to Agumbe. On the way you have to take deviation to go to the Barkana View point and Jogigundi. Ask a localite to guide you. The Barkana view point gives a splendid bird's-eye view of the Barkana falls and the great forest of the Western Ghats. Jogigundi is a place where a stream forms a waterfall. and good camping area. Now it s being littered allover.

Fact File
Geo ...  place {narasimha parvata} in Aagumbe(25+kms) taluq in Shimoga district in North West Karnataka.

other places of interest :- sringeri, aagumbe, koodlu teertha, sirimanefalls

Distance ...
From Bangalore 350+ kms
From Nearest Town 16+kms(Sringeri) From Nearest Petrol Bunk 16+kms(Sringeri)
Nearest Medical Help Kigga, Sringeri
Nearest Hotel Sringeri

Best Time Winter to early summer

View from top of Narasimha Parvata