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 Kudremukha is one of the most beautiful peak in Western Ghats and in Karnataka as well. It has a very rich biodiversity and home to certain species of wildlife which is no where else found on this planet.

 Samse is a few kilometers from kudremukh town,from where the trek starts. In about 4-5 hrs average walking time [awt], one reaches lobo mane,an old house. From lobo mane,another path goes up to the "summit",which would take 3-4hours awt to reach.

 The route passes through some lovely shola(montane) forests near the top. About 1/2 an hour below the summit,the route passes near an abandoned church and a small waterfall. One should take the time to explore the church,and also to watch out for the amazing birdlife there.
Another route is to start from Kaikamba. Kaikamba is a place between beLtangaDi and Navoor, Killur. This route converges with the other at Lobo house. Another place of interest near by is Jamalabad fort or Jamalghad kote, situated at around 1700mts from sea level, presumably built by Tipu Sultan near Navoor. Food one must carry and stay is not allowed here.

This whole area is inside the Kudremukh National Park so no one allowed to camp inside the National Park and will have to follow the guidelines of the authorities.

Also visit http://www.kudremukh.org

Fact File

Geo ... place {Kudremukha} in Chikamagalur district, Karnataka.

Distance ...
From Bangalore 300+ kms
From Nearest Town Kudremukh Colony
Nearest Medical Help Kudremukh Colony
Nearest Hotel Samse