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  edakumeri (green route)

This is a station on the railway track known as "green route" from Sakalesh Pura to the Subramanya Road station This railway station is a unique beautiful spot in the whole railway track because of the dense green forest in which it is situated. This stretch of the track with length about 52+kms has around 50+ tunnels and bridges with length varying from few meters to 0.5km and height varying from few meters to few hundred meters. Not to forget numerous streams en route.

This is one of the most picturesque spot (route) in the Western Ghats of the South Kanara . You can either start from the Sakalesh Pura or Subramanya Road Station.
There has been conversion of the track to broad gauge and no trains run on this track nowadays. And the old railway stations are mostly abandoned.

Fact File
Geo ...  place {edkumeri}in South Kanara district in West Karnataka.

other places of interest :- kukke subramanya, kumara parvata, sakalesh pura

Distance ... 
From Bangalore 300+ kms
From Nearest Town Subrmanya 30+kms, Sakalesh pura 20+kms
From Nearest Petrol Bunk Sakalesh Pura
Nearest Medical Help Sakalesh Pura
Nearest Hotel Sakalesh Pura

Best Time late Sept to early March is a good time for all kinds of treks in Western Ghats
green route
Approach ...
Railway track trek can be done either from Subramanya or from Donigal (starting point from SAkleshpur side). It depends on you to choose from which side you'd like to trek. Starting from Subramanya being a little convenient (one can avoid odd hours).

One can start from Subramanya railway station in the morning to reach Shirabagilu (~10kms, one will see a closed to abandoned rly station for the stay here overnight. or One can still trek further (depending on her/his capacity. assumed here is firs timer's pace) and stay along the track (there are quite a few huts).

Next day trek upto Edaku'meri (~12-14kms). One can stay at the railway station. Next day trek upto Donigal (another 6-8kms) and catch a bus to Sakleshpur). This way make it a 2.5 day trek. Escape route: You can cross river to reach road (from Edaku'meri) and catch a bus instead if trekking to Donigal.