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This 26th September at Shivagange...
	Its garbage collection time again :-]  Get your shoes, dirty socks, shovels, 
old clothes & gloves ready !

	After clearing a lot of plastics from Shivagange the same time last year (27th 
Sept is World Tourism day), lets do our bit again to keep the place clean!

	Shivagange is about 60km from Bangalore, known for the Shivagange math,
but is also famous as a trek route and a great spot for rock climbers. There is 
a big temple complex at the early part of the hill, then a long trek to 
a natural spring half way to the top, now part of a temple. Further up there is 
a long route(steep towards the end) to the top, where there is a huge 'Nandi' 
carved onto the peak.The initial part is relatively clean as it is maintained 
by the temple authorities, but it gets progressively dirtier as we climb further. 
Remember that there is also a moderate trek involved in reaching the peak!

The plan is as below:

6.30 am Assemble at Victoria Statue, Cubbon Park (near Jewel de Paragon).
6.45 am Departure
8.15 am Reach Shivagange, breakfast time!
9.00 am Start the trek to clean.
1.30 pm Break for lunch and some maasti!
Post Lunch: games & group activities including a trek to the peak for those who 
still have the energy!
5.30 pm Start winding up.
6.00 pm Head back home.
7.45 pm Back at Victoria statue.

Costs should be within Rs. 175/-, the balance money will go into the trek2clean 
corpus. To confirm your participation, you have hand over Rs. 175/- in advance 
to one of the  people mentioned below by 18th Sept Monday evening latest.

Breakfast, Lunch, juice breaks and energy packs will be provided. Please wear 
comfortable clothing - tracks/ cargo pants, T shirts. Light colors would be ideal.
Please wear sports shoes which are comfortable for long walks, 
but also good for climbing.

Please bring the following. It would be preferable to carry these items in a 
SMALL BACK PACK, so that your hands are free.

- At least 2 liters of water. This is a must.
- cap - recommended, or maybe a bandana or something to protect you from the heat.
- torch with batteries (good to carry for any trek).
- sun tan lotion - advisable
- gloves - advisable
- sun glasses -optional
- camera - optional

You will be handed a sack and a prong to collect garbage. We also have some 
other tools to help us.
This is booze free trek. Pls bring along your medication in case you are under 
any medication.

It will be nice you can post the attached notice about the trek on the notice 
board in your office/gym/dance class/apartment block/supermarket/college...etc, thanks! 
Please spread the word around and get as many people as you can to join in.

For those who need to confirm your participation, please contact either of the 
following numbers by
18th September:
a) Shweta Shetty : @ dracoadventures@vsnl.net / 98860 42240
b) Poornima Rajan: @ poornimarajs@yahoo.com / 31837543
c) Venu Raj: @ venuraj@yahoo.com / 98454 03145

Look forward to hearing from your and to having fun while keeping nature clean!

The trek2clean team.

download notice:
T2C Poster (.doc) (40Kb),