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Ram Nagar , Bangalore(Rural).  
Ram Nagar
Ram Nagar
Fact File:

    Ram Nagar is 40Kms from Bangalore City in Bangalore (Rural) district on the Mysore - Bangalore Highway.
Distance from Bangalore : 40kms.
Nearest Hospital : Ram Nagar.
Nearest food point : Ram Nagar
Nearest Petrol Bunk : Ram Nagar.

How to get there:
  Plenty of State Govt. buses run from Both Mysore and Bangalore to this place.
A Guide book for the climbers is being prepared by a veteran climber.
    Considered as Mecca of Rock Climbers, this amazing place has plenty of opportunities for the budding and the professional alike. Climbs of various grades along with few bolted routes as well are present.

    There are few temples present at the top of few hillocks. To its history Ram Nagar has the shooting of the "Sholay" Film as well.

    The whole cluster is spread over many kilometers, with a moderate town adjacent to the Bangalore-Mysore Highway. As one enters the town s/he will find many rocky hills on the both sides of the road. Though there are no guides or guide books present currently for the climber currently, there is a guide book being prepared.
As soon as it published we will announce it here as well.
    Though much crowd visits the hill mostly temples, the other climbing spots are not crowded.