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Devara Betta
Fact File:
    Devara Betta is located in Hosur district of Tamilnadu ,adjoining Anekal in Karnataka. It lies south of Bangalore city around 50+kms away.
How to get there:

    One can reach Devarabetta via Anekal or via Harohalli on Kanakapura road. From Harohalli take a left to maRaLavaDi from where one should take the road to Tali . The shorter route is from silk board . Drive down Hosur road and then take a right to Anekal . After driving through Anekal town and crossing the TN border, Devarabetta is only a few kilometers away. Its approximately 45 kms from silk board junction.

Notes on Bio-diversity:
     Along with other typical vegetation to this area is also home to couple of varieties of orchids as well. A species of Habenaria, Vanda along with others can be seen.
    Devara Betta
     In Devarabetta, as the name suggests there are 2 hillocks with a temple at the top of one. Adjacent to these hillocks there are quite a few opportunities for a rock climbing. One monolith is around 80-90feet high with fairly easy climbs.
    To the west and north of Devarabetta is the jungle with the vegetation similar to Bannerghatta forest . The terrain consists of low hills with the valleys having thick vegetation. The forest continues as far as Rangaswami hills in the west to Bannerghatta reserve in the north. There are also a few waterholes which should provide oppurtunities for watching the local wildlife.
Habenaria at Devarabetta

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