Wild Wonderful Karnataka
Here is a list of items we carry on our treks, climbs etc.
while trekking first-aid needs other items

Personal Gear
Sleeping Bag / Blanket
Trekking Shoes (preferred)
Poncho / Light rain sheet

Water bottle (bigger the better)
Torch / Cells
Minimum Personal Clothing.
Mug / Plate / Tumbler/ Spoon
Soap / Towel / Brush / Paste
Cap / Balaclava

Plastic Covers (for wet clothes dirty clothes)

Slippers (optional)
Sun Glasses (optional)
Camera (optional)

Utensils for cooking (Lightweight)
Stove (Lightweight)
Camphor tablets
Food items
few old newspapers
something to carry garbage back
Good length of rope(optional)

Nailcutter / Blades
Cotton / Gauze (assorted sizes)
Savlon / Dettol
Clean cloth
Adhesive tape (cotton or paper)
Band aids (assorted sizes)
Bandages (assorted sizes)
Latex Gloves
Antiseptic ointment
Scissors / Tweezers / Needle

Electral (in case of cramps)
Crepe bandage (in case of sprain)

Sun-screen (Sun-block cream)
Any allergic Medicines
Anti-Diarrhoeal medicine.
Crocin (paracetamol)
Pain reliever (avoid sprays)

Sanitation needs
Toilet paper / Soap
Feminine Supplies

Personal medication (incase of undergoing treatment)


Map / Roadmap
(ID card, permission letter etc.)

Some 'NO's one should observe
DO NOT take any jewelry.
DO NOT take unnecessary extra luggage.
DO NOT take Liquor.
DO NOT consume any prohibitive Drugs.
DO NOT smoke.
DO NOT take electrical/electronics items - walkmans/radios etc.

Thanks to Rakesh Soman, Shiela Costellino, Gautham, Rakesh JR, Kiran Ramamoorthy, Nagesh SV and the team for the inputs.

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some useful literature to carry along

Please note: Consuming any medicine without a doctors prescription is hazardous. Please avoid such practice and DO NOT hide if you have any health related problems. It is a good practice to let your friends know if you are allergic to anything, or if you are sleepwalker or you have phobias.

And Also note that the list is neither exhaustive nor all-inclusive. Needs differ from place to place and quantity depends group strength. Pack Less and Pack Wise.