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The Programme : Trek From Jagatsuk (1850m) to Base of Deo Tibba(4800m). An introductory level trek with 4hrs average walking time a day.

Day 1. Packing and Arrangement for the mules or horses. This can be done in the Jagatsuk village itself. Jagatsuk is 6kms away from Manali. From here with a good dose of tea and momoes (a local delicacy) you start for the next camp site Khanol (2280m). Though these places sound like village names they are just names given to the places. Except a few shepherd rest places.

All the while you will be walking next to a tributary to the river Beas and ofcourse in the lush green forests of evergreen Himachal forest.

This is about 2hrs away from Jagatsuk(avg walking time). You will camp here and enjoy the HP forest and prepare for the next days a little heavy climbup.

Day 2. After you daily routine works are over you will start for the next camp named Chika which is at 3100m height and which has a shepherd dwelling and and temple as concrete structures. All the shepherds around this place spend the time here either 'un-wooling the sheeps', grazing them and chatting endlessly. From here the forest turns into moraine. The 'dodo dendrons', other shrubs are more. And ofcourse you can never forget the flora, I mean at the micro level. The fauna is limited to bears, lammergiers, and other small birds and animals.

Today it is about 4 hours climb up a hill. Nice trail inside the forest accompanied by the music of the water falls and stream next to you. Here an unimaginable thing happened. This track what may be called as a trekkers national highway two of us lost our way and we added 3.5 hours of extra climbup and climbdown to the original. Assumption is the mother of all messups. I assumed my group leader knew the route when he said he had done this trek before. huh!