Wild Wonderful Karnataka
    Web of Life by Spoorthy Murali
Blessed is this bush
at the top of the mountain..

To me it feels as if it is
at the top of the whole world!

It has the unshakeable mountain
to hold it atop...

The cool breeze at its service
to sway those tender leaves..

The impeccable pure water
edging its way to the bush 

Craving with all its might
to raise through those roots!

The bush has the clear blue sky 
to gaze throughout the day..

The stars at night 
to stand escort..

Every night it sleeps in peace
a sweet unperturbed sleep

A kind spider has 
weaved a web around..

The dew drops have formed
a fabric on it..

Filtering the Sunrays
which wake the bush.. 

Now tell me...
isnt the bush luckY????

I wish i could 
exchange places with it!

WebofLife - Photo by Prasad Ghatigar

"Backgrnd to the poetry...i don't know wht to say.. I sincerely appreciate the person who took the photo.. Incidentally, my grannys place is sumwher v close to Kodachadri. so I was eager to c wht wud b ther in ur site on Kodachadri...thot ther'l b sum more sceneries thts it...but was really awed to c this photo..hats off to the person who was so observant and captured the dew drops in the photo! the rest of the thngs in the poem wer jus a kavi kalpaney..was jus visualizing the location and thngs fell in place!".
                                             -- Spoorthy Murali.

" I can only say that.. Every thing on the mother earth is enigma!... When I saw that dew drops on the web, It was so refreshing, it is so charming! I thought this was one more way for nature to say good morning".
                                             -- Prasad Ghatigar.
                                                    (man behind camera).