Wild Wonderful Karnataka

WANTED : MARDHINI !!!!!       
Mythology talks about this character
	Demon by birth and demeanor
		He was the infamous Mahishasura!

Penance or austerities
	God knows what he did
		And he was blessed with a boon...

The boon by which 
	He was barred from death,
		Was a curse in disguise to all but him!

Having conquered Death
	He had conquered the world
		Soon his torments knew no bounds!

Deep in distress
	The deities pooled their prowess
		And lo!  Shakti was born!

An embodiment of anger and power
	Shakti killed the demon 
		And became a supreme God!

Man doesn't seem to have 
	Interpreted mythology well enough
		And makes mistakes despite these lessons...

'Plastic' today is the demon
	With a different name...
		A demon with rapid growth and no death!

Burn it, and it will choke your lungs..
	Bury it, and it will trouble Mother Earth!

Are the Gods listening??
	We need a Mardhini here!

		             -- Spoorthy Murali.
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