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Certain guidelines for publishing Trip Report.

The top portion (above the horizontal line) of the page will be as displayed.
Below that goes your design of page with content (text+graphics).
If you have a design for the page please go ahead and implement, or else we will do the work.
If you are putting photos(2 max) please make sure that your have the consent of the photographer to publish it here, the same holds good for the page design and text also.
No gifs please, either .png or .jpg will do.
Do not forget to include your valid email address in the page.

How does it work?!
You send us the trip report. email review [at] dreamroutes.org
The team members will review the report(this usually takes a little time).
If needs a change we'll let you know as soon as possible.
After 'ok' from team report will be published under the Dreams section.

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