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mygallery on dreamroutes is a place where your favorite nature photos taken by you will be published.

The gallery currently we have are ...

Shridhar Rao's Gallery [ http://www.dreamroutes.org/mygallery/shridharrao/ ]

Ajay Kumar's Gallery [ http://www.dreamroutes.org/mygallery/ajay/ ]

Sriram Gandur's Gallery [ http://www.dreamroutes.org/mygallery/sriramg/ ]

Pranesh Vittal's Gallery [ http://www.dreamroutes.org/mygallery/praneshv/ ]

Naveen C's Gallery [ http://www.dreamroutes.org/mygallery/naveenc/ ]

A V Srinath's Gallery [ http://www.dreamroutes.org/mygallery/avs/ ]

Aravind's Gallery [ http://www.dreamroutes.org/mygallery/aravinds/ ]

Sanjay Haldar's Gallery [ http://www.dreamroutes.org/mygallery/sanjayh/ ]

there is more on way ...sure! :)

And Here is how it works ...

Do send in your 1 or 2 best shots that you want to share with everyone to review [at] dreamroutes.org

Here are certain guidelines about the same...
> Please do not send any .gif files, we will not publish them
> Avoid sending too small images
> Presence of human element in nature shot is acceptable as long as it is not more than 20-30%
> Do send a line or two describing the photo along with your name.
> Though your name will be published your email id will not be made available without your consent.

Here is a sample of the same ...

Suggestion welcome! send them to review [at] dreamroutes.org