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Crag: Varalukonda

Description:This hillock is a walking distance from the village of Varalukonda. The village is about 80 kms from Bangalore and lies on the left of Bangalore-Hyderabad highway.

There are 20 routes altogether, all facing north. 15 on the left side of the hillock, and five on the right side, as you face the north face of the hillock. Of the 15 left routes; three are sport lead routes at this time, and the rest are top ropeable:
- Limestone Hack, 5.9+
- Delicate Affair, 5.10b
- P3, 5.11a

The right side has five routes including a three-pitch climb.

The area was developed by Keerthi Pais, Pranesh Manchiah, and Praveen in early 2015. An existing top rope route (Delicate Affair) was bolted for lead by Sohan Pavuluri & Poonacha Medapa in July 2015.

Grade: 5a - 7a (French) or 5.7 - 5.11c (YDS)
Type: sport
Length:20-30 Mtr

Description : The details of the climb can be found on “Gethnaa” website “”. A pdf is available in that website that provides directions to reach the hill and the routes available.

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