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Crag: ravgodlu (also ravu goDlu, raogoDlu..)

Getting there :
Raogudlu is located off Kanakapura road, one of the national highways south of Bangalore.

The easiest way to get there is by private transport (bike or car).

From Banashankari temple, follow Kanakapura road going out of the city. You will pass the ring road intersection, continue ahead.
After leaving city limits, look for signposts indicating distances to Harohalli and Kanakapura. After about 20 kms, you will encounter an arch over the highway, with a left turn indicating Raogudlu.

Do NOT turn left here, keep going straight. You will cross the Arkavathi? river and immediately after, take a left turn at a board that reads “Yedumadu”. Continue till the dead end and that's the bouldering area. Once parked, follow the foot trail to the right hand side all the way to the top of the hillock while passing all the climbs and boulders listed.

Once you find a convenient parking spot for your automobile, start walking towards the right hand side and follow a foot trail which takes you to the back of the hillock. Once the trail bends leftward, you should be able to see the quarry site. Follow the trail as it then bends leftward again and starts ascending.

Be warned the trail has lose gravel and sand because of harsh weathering by the rain water that flows down this trail.

This trail continues all the way to the top of the hill. Along this trail and slightly off, you will find all the climbs that are listed.

climbs : high noon, menhir, you or i, red sea .. more to follow..

When you start walking towards left from the parking spot, you will get to go to some climbs like … fly by , …

info courtesy: Aalok Bharadwaj, Kiran Karkera

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